Beautiful Feet
Beautiful Feet

In the Balkans, you take your shoes off when you enter a home. Always. Even if the host insists that you leave your shoes on. Always.

We remember the verse that tells us that ‘beautiful are the feet that bring Good News’. It is true. But, not because we are beautiful. Not because our feet are better or cleaner, but because they carry a story – a story of the transformational love of our Saviour.

Today, we begin a new journey – twenty of us as we travel to Sighisoara, Romania.

Orthodox Context
Orthodox Context

2014-11-02 15.17.17-1

We have new things to learn in an Orthodox context, where Easter is still three more Sundays away.

2015-03-28 05.48.58 2014-11-01 15.18.22-1


We have something to learn about a history where Vlad the Impaler became a legend and a world that we only know from our history books become a reality: Transylvania.


Make this journey with us. Follow us for new photos and new stories. Use your hashtag: #sighisoaraspringbreak for Facebook and Instagram.

Pray for miracles and transformation.


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