pro nobis monday

the colors of spring

the colors of spring


You know so much about brokenness. My brokenness. And, it is a Monday morning and I’m starting out behind and Satan is telling me all about my sin and my shortcomings. All about how clay is worth nothing. It seems like he knows them better than even I do, Lord. Continue reading

freedom’s war


My brother’s soul fights the fear of desolation. Cold. Dark. Alone in the night.  And, he chases shivers with fire because you learn to live like that in a tent city. In February. In Kiev.

Things don’t come easy here.

The fire that holds back the arctic breeze scorches the skin, burns the hand, brings a tear of determination as this city burns.  

Exhaling in and out, the soul of a man can die desolate, hopeless, pale and shivering in the icy, Ukrainian midnight or it can find a voice, find a hand. Raise it up. Rise up.

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tenacious love




grace flow



Our community recently suffered a tragic, tragic loss. The following are but words, but words that flow out of sorrow in death and tenacious hope birthed in community that is grounded in our faith. To the One who taught us how to live brokenly whole.

a mother heaves and shrieks and groans into being
that she did not knit together
and yet, somehow, she did Continue reading

practical grace


Mug shot


our home

Maybe our home is small but it is full of love. Too often messy but a testimony to the chaos of life and love with active girls, a wayward puppy, and the journey that the Lord has laid before us. Let’s be honest, we lead unique lives and by unique, I may mean unpredictable, full, fun, stressful, nomadic, blessed. Truthfully, we would not have it any other way. Continue reading